NH Chronicle

I am so grateful to NH Chronicle for the feature on my jewelry! It was a great opportunity to show the process that I go through when creating the spinning necklaces. If you did not get a chance to watch it, I have linked it below:

Time to Disassemble!

It is extremely satisfying to disassemble cameras bit by bit. Each camera is a little puzzle, a challenge, frustrating, and rewarding. Sometimes I remove a large part to find a plethora of delicate little pieces behind it. I have some photos below showing how different each camera is and how beautiful the parts are. 

Broke Arts Fair

I will have a table at Broke the Arts Fair in Peterborough, NH on June 11th. Everything sold at the fair is $50 and under. I have some earrings below that will be found there!




Monadnock Coop 2016 Earth Day event

The Monadnock Earth Day event was a lot of fun! I have some pictures below of the display and the beautiful day!

Camera Disassembly

I have taken many cameras apart this past year and I wanted to share what the cameras look like when disassembled. I picked four different brands of film cameras; Cannon, Nikon, Minolta, and Olympus. I love how each camera's function is the same but the components that accomplish the task are so unique.