Like many before me, I found inspiration for my art while hiking the beautiful Mount Monadnock on a sunny, summer, NH day. However, very unlike Emerson or Thoreau, my insight came not from the stunning natural beauty around me but from what is normally a rather unhappy accident. A fall on a particularly unforgiving rock, crushing my camera lens, left me a bit frustrated but once I brushed myself off I soon indulged my curiosity: "what exactly is inside a camera lens?" My newly destroyed camera was the opportunity and the impetus to find out. It turns out there are more beautiful parts than I could have imagined. As time progressed, I found myself eager to disassemble any camera I could get my hands on, exploring the differences in the inner workings of various brands, types, and eras of cameras. Over the course of about two years, what began with a painful fall and the annoying destruction of my camera lens has evolved into a deeply fulfilling project, allowing me to express myself through my designs, practice my art, and indulge my curiosity, destroying with abandon all the cameras I please.  

Read about my design and craft process and see pictures of cameras in progress on my process page.



As you can see I am a lover of jewelry, plants, and small treasures! I have a beautiful home studio in downtown Keene, NH where I design new work, disassemble cameras, and craft each piece.

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